Pizza Making Club
Make Cookie Dough Pizzas
Use English Muffins and Bagels To make your own pizzas
Put on a Pizza Parlor for the whole Center or just for the techers/Parents
Make Construction paper Pizzas of your favorite kind to hang around the center.
Make Craft foam mini pizza magnets
or pins

Cookie And Fruit Pizza Recipe
Peanut Butter Cookie Pizza Recipe
Rocky Road Cookie Pizza recipe
Ideas For The Club
Flower Making Club
Ideas For The Club
Make Tissue Paper Flowers
Get a large pot and have children paint it. Put Soil inside and plant flowers. Set outside the door of the center.
Make Egg Carton Flowers

Make Craft Foam Flower Magnets

Friendship Club
Ideas For The Club
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Hello Kitty Club
Ideas For The Club
Hello Kitty Tea Party
Hello Kitty Games
Hello Kitty Crafts
Hello Kitty Recipes
Hello Kitty Coloring Pages
Hello Kitty Yuddie
Hello Kitty Outside Activities