Working at a school aged daycare takes alot of patience, understanding, compassion, and a Huge sense of humor! I have had the funniest things happen
and have had some kids say the most outrageous things!! I thought it would be fun to share these with you as well as some of my co-workers' experiences.
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Halarious Happenings!
One year, a small Kindergarten boy playing out side, noticed the Grandfather of one of our students coming to the daycare to pick him up, he was from the Middle East, and was wearing a turbon. The small boy stopped the Grandfather and said:
"Are you a Genie? because if you are..I want a really big dog!"
Luckily, the Grandfather was amused.
Another silly moment occured when a small child was outside with a teacher, when out of the blue the child says to the teahcer:
"Your Boobies are just like my you have implants too?"
Just try to stop a Kinder from going outside after it has rained!! a youngster came into the daycare soaking wet after playing in puddles on his way to the daycare. We keep extra clothes for such accidents. I gave him a pair of dry sweat pants and socks and told him to stay inside. His shoes were soaked so, he had to take them off and stay inside the daycare. I got busy, and lost track of him for  a few minutes, then, searched for him...He had gone outside in his stocking feet to play in the puddles!! After bringing him back in, and giving him another pair of  stockings... I took a group of children outside. The next thing I knew... Here comes my little Kinder with his Rain Coat tied to his feet walking like a penguin trying to get outside!
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I was doing an art project with a group of kids when I happened to notice that a small Fly had gotten itself stuck to the Hot Glue Gun. The kids all gathered around to see this saying..."YucK!!"  "EEEW!" and other explainatives, so, a while later at the table, a Young boy was singing." GLUED Fly don't bother me...". ( sung to the tune of: Shoo Fly Don't Bother me.)
We were all outside one day, It was very overcast, and the clouds were going very fast in the sky, but, you could still see the moon in the sky. A first grade boy came over to me to show me the  moon. "Look, Danette, the moon is moving!" I looked up, and saw that the moon indeed apeared to be moving.I tried to explain to him that it was the clouds moving fast in front of the moon that made it look that way, and he said"How can the clouds go in front of the moon if it is moving so fast?"
I over heard two kinders talking as they were playing with Barbies, One little girl said to the other:
"I have to go shopping, because I have a date, He has alot of money, so I better use my credit card."
One of our little kinder girls kept on complaining about how tired she was, so our
head teacher made the comment " Maybe you need a little Iron" The little kinder gave the head teacher a look then looked down and said.. "I know, my pants are really wrinkley!"
I overheard one kinder boy talking to another boy in line:
"If you see these lines on your face, they are called wrinkles and it means you are getting old.
After returning back to school from being out sick, a kindergarten boy was telling his friend: "My mom made me stay in bed and she gave me
(I assume it was a vaporizer)
For halloween this year, I dressed as Waldo From The Where's Waldo Books.
A 1st grade boy stared at me, then came to where I was sitting and said:
"I found you at the airport, on a ship and in one whole book!"
( I laughed so hard I cried)
I overheard a couple of my kinder girls talking as they were playing
One looked at the other's shoes and said How come your feet are so
The other little girl looked down at her feet and said
"Oh, I work Out"
A child came in from outside to tell me one of our teachers needed
a jacket... (Our PRE-K) teacher - This is what the kinder said:
"Danette, You know that teacher... the one who has the
"FREE-K's" she needs her jacket....."